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As baby boomers are beginning to retire across Canada, options for hiring are declining. Canada's construction and hospitality industries are faced with a massive skills shortage for skilled workers, and are seeking international workers for employment to solve this problem.

Whether you are looking for professionals, skilled or semi-skilled workers, Intact Immigration can help you find workers with the set of skills you are seeking. We meet with you, and assess your company's profile, understand your requirements, and then assist in finding an ideal worker for you. We can help you recruit and complete all of the necessary documentation. This includes the following aspects:

  • Obtaining LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment): This is required by most employers who are looking to hire international workers. This approval is given by Employer and Social Development Canada, based on good faith effort to recruit Canadians or Permanent Residents before deciding to hire international worker.
  • Applying for Visa: We assist the applicants with collecting required documents, representation assistance and applying for visa, and work permits.
  • Pre Landing Assistance: Starting from preparing resume to submitting visa application, we take complete charge of your application, and perform all activities with precision and dexterity. We prepare strong application for the candidate; represent it in front of Citizenship and Immigration Canada; and prepare the candidate for interview through the employment readiness program.
  • Post Landing Assistance: We arrange airport pickup; assistance with finding accommodation; setting up bank account; apply for Social Insurance Number; and Medical Insurance. We build a strong platform for the employee, allowing them to settle comfortably, allowing them to work without any distractions.

We strive to match employers and candidates, and strive to act as your trusted advisor. We keep abreast of immigration changes in Canada, and coach our clients through the process. Intact Immigration Services is dedicated to assisting employers finding skilled professionals who have skills well matched to your unique hiring requirements and work place environment.